Principals Message -JULY 2015

Teachers will be attending training to explore new ways to present material. Custodians will be working to clean up and keep the building and its structures functioning. The District and the school will change working hours and days to four day work weeks starting June 15th, Monday thru Thursday 7AM to 5PM.

I hope the students will be enjoying their break and looking forward to another year of exploration, discovery and education. A few requests are in order.
Have students review courtesy and manners. Never hurts and can help with students unused to our customs and traditions.
Have students take pictures of vacation or getaway spots. Submit them with a short description to the Yearbook Adviser for possible inclusion in the next yearbook.
Read. Read. And Read some more. Reading truly is the basis of all the subjects.

Want to know more? Contact me at 915-236-6750.
 Principal Terrace Hills Middle School