Provenghi, Katarina

Hello My Name Is...

Katarina Provenghi

I grew up in El Paso and received my Bachelors of Science in Biology from NMSU.
I've been teaching at Terrace Hills for 3 years.

Classroom Expectations

1)Be courteous and respectful to others and yourself.
2)Come to class prepared and ready to learn!!! (Notebooks, pencils, homework)
3)No food, drinks, gum, or candy in class
4)No cell phones or electronic devices (NO mp3’s, ipods, portable video games, etc.)
5)Follow the school’s dress code (see your planner)
6)Follow all classroom, school, and district-wide rules.


1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense: verbal warning, detention, and phone call home (detention: Every Friday 3-5 pm)

3rd offense: Parent/Teacher conference and detention (detention: Every Friday 3-5 pm)

4th offense: Office Referral

Anytime school property, the property of others, or my property has been damaged; or if you are endangering yourself your others a referral will be written immediately and sent to administration.

Grading Scale

50% Classwork

15% Homework

25% Tests

10% Quizzes

Supply List

2 spiral notebooks

Pencils/pens (Black, Blue, Dark Purple, Dark Green)

If you can help our class supplies:

Box of Tissues, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap

Cell Phone Policy:

-Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom.

-I will not tolerate any texting, phone calls, or any other functions performed on the cell phones.

-I should never see cell phones, even if it is off.

-If I see it, I will confiscate it and turn it in to admin.

-In order to receive it back, a parent or guardian must pick it up and pay a fee of $15